Home Renovations

Sometimes (ok, all of the time) my husband gets a little crazy and starts re-doing everything in our 1978 Des Moines 2 story.  He loves a good project.  

Before photo of our family room.

After picture of this same room.

How do you find that you spend your free time together on the weekends(or days that you do not work or have other obligations)?

What do you enjoy doing as a family?

Are you out and about discovering new adventures in your town or traveling to other places or are you at home starting new projects together as a family or separately?  Are you someone that enjoys spending every free moment in your home.  If so, you want it to be comfortable and you want it to represent you and your comforts.  Everything from a fresh coat of paint to a new candle can make your home more comfortable.  We recently added a wood burning fireplace with a blower and it is a lot of work but oh, the cozy feeling it provides our family is worth the work.